Monday, January 16, 2012

Crown of boxwood garlands

ou will need:

terracotta pot about 20 cm in diameter;
thick and thin wire arranger;
branches of boxwood;
artificial or natural red berries;
gift ribbon;
gold star.

This is done as follows:

First make a frame out of the corona wire multilayer (see figure). Start by making a ring of the same diameter as the pot. Then gently fold the four pillars, and their straight ends should be free to enter into the pot. The upper ends of supports, taken together, tightly wrapped with wire. We must now direct the lower ends of the wire inserted into the ring. Then tie the branches of boxwood garland and wrap around the struts of the corona. You can also bind tightly to the corona wire, small bouquets of boxwood. Then place the crown on the green at random red berries and wrap her gift ribbon. To become a pot weight and stood firm, the wire should be fixed with plaster crown. To do this, pour the dissolved gypsum into the pot, put in a crown and leave to harden. Finally, the last stage - decorate a crown above a gold star and put it in a pot of oranges and apples.

Heart of boxwood

You will need:

thick and thin wire for flower arranging;
branches of boxwood, ivy shoots;
medium-sized dried (preferably white) flowers;
white Styrofoam or plastic beads or beads;
ribbon with a bow, and fortified border (as a fixative, you can use PVA glue);
spray snow.

This is done as follows:

Take a multi-layer wire Arranger heart about 30 cm tall. First, tightly tie a thin wire to the heart of boxwood branches. Then place in a random order shoots of ivy and distribute the balls in the green. Tie a bow and attach it to the tip of the heart. Finally, insert the flowers wreath, securing the wire stems. Ready to handle the crown slightly "snowy" spray.

Wreath with a spicy scent

You will need:

frame a wreath made of wire;
Arranger wire;
fine gold wire;
bedded moss;
spruce branches;
leaves of holly, or any other evergreen or pre-dried green leaves;
cinnamon sticks and star;
Physalis or hips;
ribbon with a bow;

This is done as follows:

Wrap the wire frame of the layer of moss (it often grows on private land or in the woods) and secure with a special wire for flower arranging. Then connect the green leaves into bundles and tie with wire wreath of moss. Add a random fir twigs and hips or Physalis. Decoration of cinnamon sticks, stars and hot pepper pods to tie beam gold wire and attach to the wreath. Walnuts are first spread on the wire, and then add in a wreath. Finally, as a finishing touch, tie a decorative bow.

Note: The same thing can be done with ready-fir wreath. In this case, you can simply attach a wire all the components of the jewelry - the leaves, rose hips, nuts, spices, etc.